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Gift Card

How does the Cooma Gift Card program work?​


The Why Leave Town Our Cooma Gift Card program provides a unique and convenient gifting solution while also supporting the local community.


Gift Cards are a great option for birthday presents, Christmas presents, to say thankyou, as a staff reward or bonus, as a competition prize or can also be used as sales tools for businesses.


Cards are purchased locally or online and used at over 60 locations.


The recipient may choose to spend some money in one store, and the rest in another – there is no limit on the number of transactions they make up to the loaded amount!  So with only one purchase you can give a gift that allows the recipient to get exactly what they want from a wide variety of businesses.

How can I purchase Gift Cards?


  1. Visit any one of the 8 load-up locations and ask for a Cooma Gift Card.

  2. Minimum $20.

  3. Nominate an amount to be loaded – up to $1,000 (note: the cards are single-load only which means that additional amounts cannot be loaded onto the card after the initial purchase).

  4. Pay for the load-up amount using Eftpos, or cash.

  5. Gift the card.

What if I am intersted in being a participating business?

I've received a Cooma Gift Card.

What do I do now?


  1. Treat your card like cash and keep it safe.

  2. Find something you love at over 60 participating businesses.

  3. Swipe your gift card as you would an everyday Eftpos Card. Instructions are on the back of your card.

  4. You have 3 years to spend the money on your card.

  5. Once you have spent all the money on your card, it cannot be reloaded so please dispose of thoughtfully.

  6. Although it’s not essential, you can register your card using the online form at WHY LEAVE TOWN. By registering your card you will receive a text message or email when your card is approaching its expiry date so you won’t forget to use it. You can also order a replacement card if you lose your current one.

  7. For full gift card terms and conditions refer to Why Leave Town website.

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