Snowy Monaro Business Awards expands to include Tourism

In 2018 the inaugural Snowy Monaro Business Awards were conducted which including a gala dinner held in May to announce the winners. Those winners then went on to represent Snowy Monaro in the NSW Business Awards Far South Coast Regional Awards and a few went on further to the State Finals.

In 2019 the organising committee that includes various regional chambers including Cooma and Jindabyne along with Snowy Monaro Regional Council have decided to give the awards a tourism slant this year. Olivier Kapetanakos, Vice President of Jindabyne Chamber of Commerce explained that “it was only after we had the 2018 business awards in progress that we realised there was also a Tourism Awards program as well” In 2019 we want to recognise the importance of tourism in our region and so share the stage between tourism and other businesses.”

The Group have developed the concept that each two years the emphasis will be changed. In 2018 the categories

were from the NSW Chamber Business Awards. In 2019 there will be 7 specialist tourism categories and 7 business categories. Of course tourism businesses can also enter the business categories.

The gala dinner for the region will once again be held in Jindabyne in consideration of both the tourism element of the 2019 awards along with availability of locations in Cooma in May. Kathy Kelly, vice president of the Cooma Chamber of Commerce explains that “we are up against the mighty fundraising machine of MCCR who are having their galas nights in late May”. After that function the Cooma Multifunction Centre is then planned to be closed for some time for renovations. The MCCR function has also influenced the Committee in choosing a date for the awards dinner of 31 May. The plan would then be to bring the awards to Cooma in the 2020 year.

The Awards Organising committee are currently finalising the timetable for awards entries and judging however the categories have now been released:

Excellence in Ecotourism

Excellence in Culture and Heritage

Excellence in Adventure Experience

Best Accommodation

Caravan & Holiday Parks

***Adventure Tourism

***Excellence in Food Experience

***Excellence in Sustainability

***Excellence in Innovation

Outstanding Employer of Choice

Outstanding Young Employee

***Excellence in Accessible Employment

Excellence in Small Business

***People’s Choice of Best Business

Over the coming weeks more details will be provided to assist businesses to understand more about each


The awards should celebrate the wonderful successes we have in our region and we encourage everyone to

suggest to great businesses that they should enter the awards.

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