Cooma Chamber brings the WFA Digital Audit Workshop to Cooma

“Your opportunity to learn how you can spend more time living life outside your business”

The Cooma Chamber of Commerce have decided to tackle the problem that see some people working in small business “trapped in their business”. So when tech tools expert, work/life integration advocate and founder of Working From Anywhere Andy Willis approached the Chamber and offered his “WFA Digital Audit Workshop” to them, they were very quick to jump on board. A very good decision as it turns out, as the opportunity to host one of these workshops is now booked out until late 2018.

Andy Willis is a self proclaimed “shortcut to systems, tools and technology for your small business”. Andy says “ My purpose in life is to give people working in small business the opportunity to spend more time living life outside of their business”.

Andy has been in small business for 20 years, in that time he built a very successful conference and event management/travel business. He transitioned this business to be able to operate working from anywhere some 6 years ago, this was achieved through the implementation of cloud technology and tools. This transition was “life changing”, both in the way he operated his business and way he lived his life. Andy then decided that he wanted to help other people in small business by sharing his knowledge and experience of the tools and technology that actually work in small business.

WFA. Life is the end result.

Andy believes he is solving the number 1 problem for people in small business.

People in small business know that there are tools and technology out there that could save them time and money in their business, and make their business life easier but they are too busy working IN their business to find, test, implement and learn how to use these tools.

Andy has invested 1000s hours and 1000s of dollars finding, testing, implementing, learning how

to use the tools and technology that actually work in small business. This is the knowledge and resources he now shares in his WFA business.

It all starts with a Digital Audit, a Digital Audit identifies where you are now with tools and technology in your business, what the digital gaps are, then recommends strategies and options to move you forward. Andy has put this process into a workshop format and is offering it to Chamber of Commerce and other small business groups. The Cooma Chamber of Commerce were very quick to take up the offer and will be hosting the WFA Digital Audit Workshop on the 15th March, 2018.

“We are excited to be able to bring this relevant training to our members and the community. It is a great opportunity” says Kathy Kelly, President Cooma Chamber of Commerce, “ and we encourage our local small businesses to attend”.

If you would like to know more about how you can operate your business “working from anywhere”, learn how you can access everything you need in your business from anywhere, at anytime and on any device, you want to save time, money and make your life easier........then this is the event for you.

This event has now closed. Please contact us for information about upcoming events.

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