Cooma Gift Cards Spend Up

Chamber President Kathy Kelly is suggesting to those people in our community who have a Cooma Gift Card which they have not redeemed to check the expiry date for the card. The cards are only valid for 12 months, and the Chamber is aware of a significant amount of cards which were issued in June last year which have not been fully redeemed. Kathy advised the figure is just over $6000, and that Chamber really wants to see this money spent in any of the 50 participating businesses in Cooma.c Of the cards that expire 75% of this money will come back to the Chamber and the other 25% will go to Why Leave Town Promotions who facilitate the program.

Why Leave Town Promotions are currently running a competition to ensure 1 million dollars’ worth of Gift Cards are loaded across the whole program, by the end of this year. The Cooma Chamber is excited to be participating in this, and we are planning to nominate a couple of local legends.

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